The Willow School and Broadwaters' Children's Centre


A healthy outside starts from inside. (Robert Urich)

We are very proud of our delicious tasting food which is lovingly and freshly prepared on-site each day.

Children are offered a range of healthy options for lunch and nutritious snacks for tea. There is always a vegetarian alternative available and children are also able to choose from a variety of tasty salads. Any specific dietary needs children may have can be catered for.

Lunch and tea are provided in the Childrens’ Centre in a ‘family style’ which means children sit with a familiar adult and are encouraged to be independent and to serve themselves. At Broadwaters we see every opportunity as a learning opportunity, therefore we use this time to support the children to develop their independence skills, to discuss different foods, talk about making healthy choices and to discuss similarities and differences between ourselves and others. It also provides a wonderful opportunity to support children’s communication and language development by simply having time to talk about anything and everything!

For fee paying the children the cost of lunch and tea is included, for all other children lunch can be booked easily for the cost of £3.85 by speaking to our admin team.

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Spring Lunch Menu

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Winter Tea Menu