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At The Willow Primary School we want our children to love music. We want them to have no limits to their ambitions and grow up wanting to be music producers, songwriters and composers! Our vision, at The Willow, is to give children access to an engaging and fun music curriculum reflecting the world they live in now, but at the same time giving them access to musical styles throughout history. Children are able to listen and appraise a variety of musical styles alongside performing pieces and creating their own compositions through the use of instruments and technology. To achieve this, all children access a variety of musical games, songs, instruments, music workshops, and extra - curricular activities giving them practical hands-on experience. We hope children continue to grow in confidence as they progress through the musical curriculum and become passionate in their responses to music. We follow the National Curriculum and use a range of resources, schemes and experiences to deliver this.

We Ensure that Children:

  • Are encouraged to join in with whole school and class singing, through assemblies and class sessions.
  • Have the opportunity to learn a range of instruments throughout the school including violin, trumpet, clarinet and guitar as well as the opportunity to take individual music lessons. These lessons teach a progression of skills with music appreciation, reading music and relevant associated vocabulary.
  • Experience a range of developmental musical experiences.
  • Have the opportunity to learn a range of instruments throughout the school, progressing to group and independent performances.
  • Maximise life skills to ensure happy, healthy and resilient adults that enjoy and contribute to the arts.
  • Have the opportunity to be part of the school choir, performing at school events and within the wider community.
  • Develop performance skills through school performances including plays, assemblies and other events.
  • Have termly access to our Specialist Music Teacher who teaches the Music Curriculum.
  • Have the opportunity to visit venues such as; The Royal Albert Hall, Wigmore Hall, Alexandra Palace, Bernie Grant Arts Centre, South Bank Centre and the Royal Opera House to enjoy and take part in arts events.

 Whole School Music Map 

Individual music lessons for children (Charges apply)

Haringey Music Service organise individual music lessons here at The Willow. The tutors can have shared lessons with pairs of children too (this reduces costs). Currently the instruments we offer for tuition are: Guitar, Violin, Cello, Viola and Piano (long waiting list for Piano though). Please complete the form below for the music service to apply for your child.

Note: If you are entitled to certain benefits, you may be able to get reduced instrument hire/costs of lessons.  




Music at The Willow

We offer a variety of instruments for learning with Haringey Music Service, including class and individual sessions.