The Willow School and Broadwaters' Children's Centre



We follow the National Curriculum for science throughout the school. Our skills ladder supports and guides our planning and delivery. We focus on developing our children’s knowledge and skills through practical, exploratory and investigative approaches. We encourage children to be curious and become critical thinkers through exploring their own lines of enquiry. We maximise the use of our school environment, including outdoor learning, therefore encouraging children to ask questions about the wider world.

We Ensure that Children:

  • Develop a practical, hands-on approach through investigations and open- ended tasks which promotes independent thinking and problem solving.
  • Experience rich teaching or scientific skills and knowledge where engaging and purposeful investigations are at the heart of all learning.
  • Are planned for creatively, to ensure that teaching is progressive and challenging.
  • Develop their understanding that skills developed in one area can be transferred into other areas of learning.
  • Are inspired with rich learning opportunities to develop competence through progressive skills development in all subjects resulting in children who can work collaboratively to develop independent scientific investigations, explore science in real- life contexts and as part of wider curriculum work, use technology to record, present and analyse findings.
  • Build on their scientific knowledge and competencies from Nursery to Year 6. Some areas of learning will be built up in layers and be revisited several times enabling children to deepen their understanding.
  • Become thoughtful learners with inquiring minds who have the confidence to ask questions, discuss and explain their thinking.
  • Are inspired through engaging and exciting activities that link to the children’s interests and the topic work they are exploring.

 Whole School Science Map