The Willow School and Broadwaters' Children's Centre



Gross and fine motor skills are developed from the Nursery class, and mark making and writing are established throughout Foundation Stage. We follow the Talk for Writing approach to English and writing throughout the school. We link our writing to cross-curricular topics where possible, using a range of high quality texts across different genres, authors, history, geography and science. We have developed a literacy programme that is delivered through 3 week units, which uses high quality diverse texts and ensures children learn a range of skills and knowledge. Children learn specific texts thoroughly and use these examples to develop and compose writing independently. SPaG is taught through these lessons, as well as consolidation and stand-alone sessions where needed. We ensure children develop and use a wide range of vocabulary by implementing a school wide vocabulary scheme called Word Aware. Spelling skills are introduced through direct teaching, investigations, studies of spelling patterns, conventions and homework. Children become independent writers through experiencing a range of quality teaching strategies including; 

  • instruction/directions
  • modelling/demonstrating/describing 
  • explaining 
  • questioning 
  • discussing
  • role play and drama
  • consolidation
  • evaluating 

We Ensure that Children:

  • Are provided a rich and stimulating language environment, where speaking and listening, reading and writing are integrated. 
  • Are encouraged to construct and convey meaning, both in speech and writing, of actual, real-life, imaginary and personal experiences. 
  • Become confident, competent and expressive users of the language with a developing knowledge of how it works. 
  • Are reflective users of language, able to analyse and evaluate its main features. 
  • Have fluent and legible handwriting.
  • Communicate ideas through the use of ICT 
  • Have opportunities to reflect and analyse their learning through Assessment for learning.

 Whole School Writing Map